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In Defense of TITS.


If you know me it's no secret I am not fond of Polygon (Or Kotaku for that matter, but that's another blog entry), their recent review treatment of Bayonetta 2 is a grand example as to why. They allowed their personal distaste for overtly sexual content to actually play into the overall reveiw score. That flat out pisses me off, to be frank.

They're entitled to their own opinion, but I don't think a personal preference like that should go into the final score the game gets. It can and by all means SHOULD be mentioned, sure, but it shouldn't affect the score. Dragon's Cown was given similar treatment by them.

So that brings me to our title here... What's really so wrong with a game celebrates perversion and sexuality? Obviously tons of games do, especially Japanese ones. But really, I'm a straight man, I'm happily married with children. Still, I'll be the first and last to admit I love, absolutely LOVE a pair of huge boobs. I played the Sorceress first in Dragon's Crown. I do like magic users in games but I'm not gonna even beat around the bush (kekekek), it was becuase of those big ol' titties. I enjoy the Senran Kagura games and think we need more of them. And I certainly do love those Dead or Alive ladies, I put my age as 99 in the older games. I'm that guy.

Ok, YES, my wife has 38DDs. Did I stick with her directly as a result of this? No. But I'm not going to lie, I'm proud of her. Hell, perhaps this fact is an influence on why I appreciate that bodily type so much. But regardless...what's so wrong with some big ol' jubblies in our video games? Almost every game we play has super macho muscular men without shirts, why not have buxom woman showing cleavage too?

Think about it though, how many genuinely good if not even GREAT games have you played that fatured women with huge boobs in them? It's not just Japanese developed games either. Smash hit and awesome game Batman: Arkham City has Harley Quinn in it with some pretty above average tits. Mass Effect? Large boobs everywhere, seriously look back at Miranda. You like fighting games as a straight male? Hope you appeciate a heaping serving of mammories, too damn many to count.

Back into Japanese developed games, but even Final Fantasy X, a game honestly featuring women of average sized breasts still has Lulu who breaks the mold with her magnificent twins. A game that ISN'T very sexual in nature, honestly.

But here's one thing to keep in mind too. Yes, often when a female character in a game is portrayed with large breasts is due to at least a hint of perversion. HOWEVER boobs come in all shapes and sizes and that argument the internet is fond of in saying "We want more realistic women in video games that don't have GG sized boobs." can go fuck itself. Women CAN and DO have large breasts in real life too. As I said, I'm married to one. She didn't spend money to make herself look like a playmate, she was born with it. Yes, some woman actually, naturally have big boobs. There's nothing unrealistic about that.

So raise your cups/can/glasses today in celebration of the female chest. There's nothing wrong with a pair of big titties.

I like big boobs and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny...

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