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We're spying on you SOE!


PC Gamer Magazine's latest issue reports on a new MMORPG by SOE, (Sony Online Entertainment) maker of games such as Everquest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Planetside. The new game, dubbed The Agency utilizes the new Unreal 3 and will be available for Windows and the Sony PS3.

The Agency will focus on a system of spy-themed gameplay in addition to incorporating a shooting aspect. The game will also have RPG elements. However, unlike other contemporary MMOs, you don't level up in The Agency. You complete missions in order to acquire more and better support personnel. Player versus Player combat is also said to play a large role in the game.

Let's just hope that The Agency doesn't go down the path of Planetside or Star Wars: Galaxies. Maybe SOE will have realized their mistakes by now. The Agency is set to be released winter of this year.
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