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The feeling of power.


It's a good feeling. My life is turning around a bit, if you care or have paid any attention to my previous blogs. I'm sitting here a bit sick from a headcold (I guess) eating toast, hanging out with my son and listening to Mastodon on Youtube...lol.

But last night before I went to bed I did what I usually do, play Destiny. Now recently they added the Iron Banner PVP event/mode. A mode where your gear, level and skill all actually come into play, rather than having everything except skill be normalized, like in the Crucible. Now, I'm only light level 27 and don't have the BEST gear, but I have pretty decent gear. A nice exotic gun, Red Death, sweet exotic helmet, Knucklehead Radar and legendary gear that's not all the way leveled up. (I'd be 28 if it was.)

Still, my first match I was absolutely dominating. Went on a solid 10 kill streak while holding down a control point with a random Titan buddy from my team. It made me feel powerful, like really strong. And that made me feel GOOD...even though I was feeling downright lousy, physcially speaking in real life at the time.

That Titan and I actually took on 4v2 at one point during that skirmish, and we came out nearly untouched, it was glorious. I was literally melting people with my fusion rifle, and then when they tried to attack from our flank, from range my Red Death took out the first guy in two perfect headshot bursts, blowing through his shield and then his life like a piece of paper. I felt so good then. Even when they finally attacked us all at once and we went down, I was still smiling. I went down first, but that Titan did his damn best to hold our point. It was a glorious battle.

It really cemented the reason I enjoy games such as this though. The feeling when all that grinding and hard work pays off and you truly feel like a badass. It's not the first game to make me feel this way, and won't be the last, just the most recent. But it's a feeling I find so absolutely rewarding. The other game I've been playing lately is Shadow of Mordor (Which is very good, imho.) and it makes me feel pretty damn strong at times too. It's a fairly difficult game at times and coming out of a HUGE brawl with an entire camp of orcs (Uruks, as it were) with a sliver of your health left is a pretty good rush.

It's a nice feeling. And more than just the average feeling of overcoming a challenge that some games reward you with, such as Dark Souls. I love those games, and they can be very rewarding, but I never feel like  total badass in them.

What are some of your favorite moments in your gaming career that made you feel truly powerful? Those moment that left a wide grin on your face and left that oh-so satisfying feeling of triumph and badassery with you?

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