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Fangs for the Memories: Dino Crisis 2 Warning Screen.


Picture 11/12 year old me. With our PlayStation i think it already had it's year of use, i had already lived through what was Resident Evil 2. Watching my big brother play obviously, he always had the 'I'm not afraid of you' attitude towards horror games and that helped me get through most ps1 horror games withouth having to play them.

One day he brought with him a batch of new games to play, all gems such as Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania SOTN, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis 2. The day after that me and my sister began checking out the new games, we decided to see what this Silent Hill game was because it looked like an horror game and they were cool. So we made the first playthrought of the hallway..sorry, she did the playthrought of the hallway.

Next up came Dino Crisis, the name sounded exciting, action packed family friendly super game so i took the controller with an i got this attitude, but i was young and naïve.                                                       Once i saw the opening disclaimer, the same disclaimer i saw countless times in RE and just in SH, my courage drained with a toilet flush i knew that whatever came after that screen it was not going to be a nice thing. Like an animal retreating by instinct i gave the controller to my sister knowing i'd be better watching...from a safe distance.

To my luck the game did end up beign exciting action almost family friendly super game. Except for the Inostrancevia cave and underground levels, fuck those.

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