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Fangs for the Memories: Eternal Darkness Bathtub Scene


Yup, anyone who played this game knows instantly what I'm talking about unless they were lucky enough to have missed the button prompt in the Roivas (hey, that's Savior spelled backwards! :ppppppp) mansion. It has no bearing on the plot other than to convey you're losing your friggin' MIND and for once it actually works. All the gimmicky screen effects, fake video cut-outs, weird noises; those were mostly all unsettling, but to a teenage kid playing a game he loved alone in his room at night, this scene was terrifying!

After this happened, if memory serves, I actually dropped the controller and pushed myself to the back of my chair. I then stopped playing to look around my room for, you know, ghosts or something. After looking around for ghosts suspiciously yielded no results, I concluded I was still pretty scared and saved the game and stopped playing. Considering my game chair was sat in front of my closet, the very epicenter of all supernatural phemomena as any child knows (your closet isn't, only mine is), I thought I'd try to go to bed.


Maybe with the lights on.

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