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inFamous: Second Son has One of the Best OSTs of the Year


I was listening to the inFamous Second Son OST today in the car, and I was again struck by just how great it really is.  This is really of the most refereshing and unique OSTs I've heard in quite some time.  It starts with two premises:  capture the feel of 1990s - present Seattle rock, and convert that into an appropriate OST.  So, it's not as straight ahead as most rock.  It's more ambient, a little bit more muted and suited for the background , especially being an open world game.  But, that unexpectedly ends up giving it a really original and refreshing sound.  Finally, they combine electronics work with it, which I always love to hear in combination with rock.  The final product is equal parts relaxing, and rock out, which is pretty unique - dark ambience, punctuated with playful rock.  I can't recommend it enough for curious music fans.  It's one of the only western OSTs I've enjoyed listening to front to back without skipping songs.

Second Son

The Vandal King

Speed of Light

Conflict Resolution

The Bio-Terrorist Threat


Martial Law

Freedom and Security

Serial Tagger

Owning the Future

Smoke and Mirrors


"Second Son" is built for the cinematic intro, and takes me back to that introduction with the skyline and the speeding car as the tension builds up, and it has an awesome melody on guitar.  "The Vandal King" is almost like bluesy southern rock, and maintains a really laid back feel and just has nice warm tones.  "Speed of Light" is super original, almost combining street drumming style with rock guitar and electronic vocal samples.  I can't say I've heard anything quite like this, and it's awesome.  One of my favorite songs.  "Conflict Resolution" is just a solid song, similar to Vandal King with some bluesy rock.  They turn up the heat a little bit and have a more pronounced, rocking chorus.  "The Bio-Terrorist" is one of the best songs on the OST, with a super catchy build up and rock out line that I've listened to probably 100x and it never gets old.  "Cumulonimbus" is the song that hit me the most in the car today, and it's just a really kick ass mixture of dark ambient electronics with rock that I'm in love with.  "Martial Law" has a very cool intro, mixing electronics, drumming, and light bass before the guitar kicks in.  The drum sound is interesting, and reminds me a bit of street drumming.  "Freedom and Security" is one of the main melodic lines in the game, and it's stuck with me ever since I played it.  "Serial Tagger" is also a personal favorite, and really is one of the more complete songs as a stand alone piece of music, and perfectly demonstrates this interesting intersection between OST, electronics, and bluesy/warm rock.  I really love this one.  "owning the Future" is one of the main boss fight rock tracks.  It's fantastic, and despite being one of the heavier songs, has a great melodic line.  "Smoke and Mirrors" is the big climax rock track for the game, adn it's one of the best.  "Alibi" is one of the more relaxed tracks, but I love it.  Really uses some interesting effects on the strings, and mixes it with rock drumming.  

These are just my favorite ones.  They're all pretty good.  22 tracks in total.  Not only great to listen to alone, but really captures the feel of the city for the game.

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