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After the darkest night, daylight will still shine.


"No winter lasts forever. The seasons pass and the sunlight will shine on my life again."

It's been a pretty rough month, but things are starting to look up and the household has a very needed ray of light shining back down on it. Everyone is happier for one reason or another.

My wife got a significant promotion at work, a huge leap in pay. My daughter got the role she wanted to in her Little Mermaid musical, Ursala. My son fell in love with Sesame Street and absolutely adores Elmo, and now packs around the talking Elmo doll his grandparents smartly got him for Christmas last year. And me? I'm just happy everyone else is happy...and I've been rocking hard on some games.

Destiny. I praised it ever since trying the beta, and I'll still praise it. I play it religiously at this point, any time game time comes up, I'm usually on it. Loving PVP, gambling my life for sweet gear. My character is shaping up quite nicely. If you're on PS4 and you ever run into an Exo Hunter wearing that sweet ass Venom of Ikaheka legendary cloak, it's probably me. (Witchhunter7 is my PSN, HMU!)

On Tuesday I have Persona 4 Arena Ultimax preordered and paid off and ready to roll. And then in October I have The Evil Within ready to start up. I'm a HUGE horror fan, have really high hopes for this one. In November I have CoD: Advanced Warfare, which I'm REALLY looking forward to. People can talk shit on CoD all they want, I think the game look amazingly fun.

Hoping to somehow find a way to grab Aliens: Isolation and maybe Middle Earth:Shadows of Mordor sometime in the near future too. Oh, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, that looks great.

New Pokemon on the horizon too and of course, Smash.

So hey...things aren't too bad right now. Things are finally looking up. Still writing short horror stories like I usually do too, and reading Game of Thrones for the first time too! (Purposefully haven't seen a single episode of the show, wanted to read it all first.)

And with some good luck gonna see some pretty kickass metal concerts early next year too. (Dark Tranquillity & Insomnium and then Kamelot & Dragonforce, if anyone is interested.)

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