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VIDEO: What kind of Pokemon (collector) are you?


Some of you nerds play Pokemon. I'd wager a lot of you, actually. 

A big part of the appeal of Pokemon (whether it's the cards, in the game, the figurines, the plushies, ANYTHING) is in the collection mentality. It definitely wasn't the first franchise to entice children to empty their parents' wallets on fancy promises and little more than stupid plastic or a convenient addiction-in-a-cart (and it won't be the last), but it's one of the most popular to this day. 

Are you so easily able to ignore the marketing hype of "Collect 'Em All!"? 

Back in the day, for me, it wasn't so much the games. No. Something far more expensive (sorry, Mom!). It was between the cards and figurines. A surviving relic of that time resurfaced last December during the move to the new house and is now nestled safely in my closet. Slightly better than collecting dust in the corner of the garage for weird insects to pick away at my rarest Pikachu's. I wonder if thick paper tastes like delicious chicken to them?

Whether it does or not, we'll never know. Unless we invent a machine essentially able to reenact The Fly. That sounds equal parts terrifying, dangerous, and awesome. 

Oh. Here's my collection. 

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