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It Has Nothing To Do With Games.


Wasn't going to write about this, but it IS a blog afterall.
Things are tough in my household right now. Money is tight as hell, grocery shopping is a tight rope walk and my dogs may be dying.

See, I have a basset hound named Buddy. He's about seven years old and has had many health issues since we got him several years ago. This and it seems he may have been abused and beaten by a previous owner, unsure though. But we've always found a way to take care of him. The family loves him. But this time he seems pretty sick, he's losing weight and the past week he's constantly thrown up anything he's eaten or usually even drank. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if he's dehydrated as a result. But this time we can't take care of him.

We're struggling to keep food on the table and get the laundry washed, we can't afford a vet checkup, let alone dozens of tests and possibly surgery. No way in hell. My wife, thrirteen year old daughter and nineteen month old son, of course myself have to come first, we've gotta keep the bills up and food going. Can't do it.

So that's left one real option to hope Buddy can receive some sort of help. We have to give him to the local pet shelter. Hoping they can take him to a vet and get him straightened out...or at least peacefully put to sleep. One way or another, as things stand now tomorrow Buddy will no longer be our dog in our house. With hope he can recover from desperate vetenarian assistance we can't afford to give him and then end up being adopted by someone who'll love him.

It's a tough time, a black cloud hangs over the household. And my young son is going to wonder where that big silly doggie with the big, floppy ears went.

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