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Destiny: I love it.


The media opinions of Destiny absolutely baffle me. We all played the beta, well anyone already interested in it anyway. Didn't really see anyone complaining then, in fact I saw a whole lot of positive coverage.

But now the game is out and it's all negative. I don't get it? I mean, the impressions on this site seem to knock it for the story, as if they were expecting Mass Effect or something similar. This is a shooter MMO in all honesty. Why would someone be upset over that type of thing not being heavy on story? Does anyone honestly go into an MMO just to experience the story, like a single player experience? I'll use World of Warcraft as an example here. I LOVE the story and lore behind WoW. I've been a major fan since Warcraft 2 actually, to the point of even having read at least close to a dozen of the novels written within it. BUT, when I fire up WoW, I'm not playing it for the story. I'm playing it as what it is, an MMO. Grinding, adventuring with strangers and friends alike.

Then I see a few others that came in expecting this to JUST be an MMO or JUST a shooter. Ok, if you're not into one or the other, I can see you being a bit disappointed, especially if you'e the former. But why are these criticisms not applied regularly to Borderlands? I've played the hell out of both of those games, because I enjoy the gameplay, but they have absolutely TERRIBLE stories. The writing tries to come off witty to make me care about most of thier shitty characters, but it's not witty or funny, it's juvenile and corny. Even the gameplay is pretty barebones and bland, but the multiplayer quality of it combined with loot grinding is fun.

All that said...I absolutely love Destiny. The beta showed me that, as I was actually saddened as it ended. I've been playing as much as I possibly can with my busy schedule and I still love it just as much as I did then, even more so actually. The guys I'm playing with feel the exact same way. This game has hooked me since it's Beta more than any game in recent memory aside from The Last of Us. Perhaps that I just love building up and creating characters, because I most certainly DO. That thrill of possibly getting an awesome new gun, it drives me hard.

I also really enjoy the PVP in this game, and this is coming from someone who really never cared mch for Halo multiplayer. I honestly don't care much for Halo in general, truth be told, so you can't say I'm just a Bunjie fanboy. The PVP feel more like Halo meets Call of Duty/Battlefield. It's more twitch based than Halo, but less so than CoD.  It's a good balance to me. I also enjoy getting to show off my character that I worked hard to gear up.

In short though, I am thoroughly enjoying Destiny, and truly cannot comprehend the negative reactions after it's launch. This is legit Game of the Year material for me, no exaggeration. Any other guardians out there rocking Destiny hard? Any on PS4 hit me up sometime, PSN: Witchhunter7.

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