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Check out these corgi statues!


Pretty cool, huh?

The site where I found them says that "These bronze Corgi statues were installed on a street in Christchurch, New Zealand, as an homage to Queen Elizabeth II for her Golden Jubilee."

Guess the ever immortal monarch really like corgis. But then, who doesn't?

"Unfortunately, after the earthquake that hit Christchurch, the statues were removed by the city,"

Aw, that's too bad!

"but they're planned to return before Christmas."

Ah, okay then. Good to know they're there, in case I ever decide to visit New Zealand. Then I'll make them wear funny hats and take my picture with them, like any responsible tourist.

New Zealand has always been interesting to me. Apparently, its name has nothing to do with the Zealand that we have here in Denmark (the island where our capital is located). It also happens to be the furthest I could possibly be from my home while still being on land (and on the planet, of course), as it's almost on the exact opposite side of the world. It would be pretty interesting to go there, and not just because of the corgi statues.



But also for the corgi statues.

'Cause look at them!


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