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A Scholarly Look At Recent Events In Gaming.

The gaming media world has been rocked by scandal and controversy recently. I have been busy with other things and haven't been able to engage with gaming culture recently, but here and now I shall do so. These recent events bother me not merely as a gamer, but as a follower of social media as well. Tumblr, instead of being filled with lewd nekkid pics of anime babes, has instead become a fount of wounded rage and howling fury, akin to what one would experience in the 90s at an Alanis Morsette concert. The video games sites I usually trawl through to find cute genderbent Link fanart are filled instead with sanctimonious screeds by hypocrites blaming online cultural for being hostile and angry all the while stirring the honey pot for the sake of that sweet, sweet clickbait revenue, and possibly to vent some of their own self-loathing towards the only individuals they can rage at in their world with so many sacrosanct groups and tribes and ghettoized human shields. Like a great bulbous landwhale, his sweaty rolls glistening in the sun, tossing so many rocks at a beehive and complaining about getting bit in the ass afterwards. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a Little Debbie banana cream roll? You take a box of those, add some chocolate syrup and sprinkles, and dip the lil' bitches in some marshmallow fluff and that shit will give ya a buzz strong enough to sit and listen to the pale skinny undergrad in the orange bathrobe talk about Buddah or whatever. You might even take one of his books and pamphlets, and swat him across the face with it. Because you figure, why the hell not, why are you ruining my buzz, you do not even have any Little Debbies, your beliefs are a lie I have the proof how did Buddah become a fat kid when he ate only locusts and honey and didn't even have any Little Debbie Banana Cream Rolls dipped in chocolate syrup and sprinkles and marshmallow fluff. Get the fuck outta here with that, brah. Apparently gaming media is lacking hawt anime babes and Link who may or may not be wielding the Master Sword (it's not a trap, I have the Master Key!) due to a Little Debutante. But I don't care or I should say if I did I would but right now I'm licking some chocolate syrup off of a delicious shortcake of hydrogenated oils and animal lard. Food is often a tool used by some to deal with being depressed and there have been a lot of blogs here discussing how people are depressed so I guess if one is to extend this general depression to not just gamers but those who write about them one of the reasons the scandal became what it has or was is because sometimes when you're depressed it feels better to be angry instead. At least some of the ones fanning the flames in the gaming media industry are honest about how insecure they are and hey, I don't hate brah. I just feel bad for 'em. Imagine being an insecure person who takes it upon his or herself to get a job where one has to interact with people all day and believe that what you have to say is so IMPORTANT, so MEANINGFUL, that it becomes a sort of truth or ethical code that one follows and it one diverges from it they diverge not only from what is Good and Right but from "you" (this hypothetical gaming journalist) as an individual. "In our age, all politics are personal." Is it any surprise these individuals, to begin with, follow something that makes them feel better about who they are? Is it any surprise these individuals, depressed and insecure and full of rage, who do not seek out the books and pamphlets of the pale skinny kids in orange robes or even a box of delicious shortcakes of hydrogenated oils and animal lard, instead seek out the largest peak they can find so as to shout to the world, "I AM ME AND THERE IS ONLY ME AND ON THIS MOUNTAIN, IN THIS UNIVERSE, THERE EXISTS ME AND NO OTHER BEING?" To which they only have the echo of their empty words replying to them? Or, should they succeed in stirring the world to action even if it is only to shout back, deem it because they and their ideas are of such power so as to command such might? And so what is needed is a scholarly view. Because if there is any field which deals only in misery and rage and self-loathing more than journalism, it is those who sought out their own peaks to piss on the world below long ago, and found them in ivory towers.
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