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Time For Some Humor I Think

(HIGH BANDWIDTH BLOG, avoid if you aren't on wifi!) I'm having stress issues, so rather than commenting on the latest drama I decided to put together another compilation of my goofy memes, images, screenshots, etc. Yeah, I'm probably not as funny as I think I am, but hopefully people will gets some chuckles from these and maybe we can all de-stress a bit together. I provided a little commentary on most of them, just so I don't look too lazy...

I started making Jem memes for another blog I didn't finish... I'm at 60...

Eat a dick, Microsoft.

And this is why you don't buy Day 1.

Motherf*cking bears, man.

Pretty much what's happening.

An exaggeration, but it sure ain't the 80s no more.

Something about the word "monetize" infuriates me.

So yeah this is probably my fave. I love Dog.

"Deleted scene" from my Squeenix Tomb Raider article.

Made this for my blog giving Squeenix hell for selling out to MS.

I forget the occasion. So many it could have been...

Coming full circle back to R.O.B. amiright?

I like any piece of hardware that looks like it will give me cancer.

PCGMR FTW bitches!

Me when I have to use a console.

Well this was unfortunately prophetic :(

Was gonna do a series of these with a car called "Burnout Bob". I'm glad I didn't, too.


Steam has finally been noticed by Japanese developers it seems.

PS+ sits oddly in the middle, but I won't argue that it isn't a great deal.

Not sure why Nintendo gets a pass on everything lately. They used to be the big evil corporation that ran everything!

Me when I bash the Wii U...

Don't forget the pre-order bonuses you'll miss out on if you don't buy blindly before reviews are out. Sketchy as fuck, this industry.

Or I can Force choke you. Whatever works.

Almost posted this on the Kuro review. I saved it just for you guys.

Can't remember what Japanimation game this was for, but teasing weeboos about being peedoos is funny.

I'm pretty patient but yeah this shit is getting ridiculous.

Went through this awful phase last Fall where all I wanted to play was Triple Town...

Luigi, out-death-stared.

Or I have so much I can't decide, I really don't know.

My controller concept for Ryse and other QTE games.

Well it sorta fits.


Ugh why did I do this.

Wizard of Oz and 60s Spiderman. I don't even.

This would be the end of us all...



Google had a playable logo, I think for the Roswell incident. Notice the similarity to E.T.?

My friend's girlfriend made him this. Pretty sweet.

Response to someone, not so funny out of context...

I played Shadowrun Returns with an infinite zoom hack and noticed this couch... stuff from Half-Life, Borderlands, Doctor Who...

Went in to change during a defense mission and got interrupted in the changing room lol

More like #juststalkerthings

Nice side-article placement, Dtoid!

Unfortunately this vending machine in Borderlands 2 does not, in fact, dispense boobs.

Speaking of boobs...

Pay attention to the mission names in X-COM, there are some good ones.

Me at the goth club...

My bank statement from a year ago... notice a pattern?

It's tough but you can set up a third-person view in Borderlands 2!

So I DJ at goth-industrial clubs sometimes. Made this custom collar inspired by Gaige's from Borderlands 2.

When I was surfing for images to make custom grid images in Steam for Deadpool I found the *original* art from this scene. If you look close you can see just how badly they photoshopped clothing on them. But their bras are still hanging on the wall behind them lol

I'm a smart ass...

*strokes his PC*

So yeah. That's all, folks. Hope at least a couple of those weren't awful. If you did enjoy them, I did another entire blog of these a while back.

I will not be responsible for any terrible side-effects looking at this blog might have on you.

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