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My Infinite Backlog of videogames and where it has lead me today...

Welcome to my very first ever blog post, in this post I'll be discussing my own channel (or advertising if you prefer) and discussing what many gamers like to call backlogs and why I personally make them and I'd love to hear your own stories if you make a backlog of games you wish to play and why you do so.

And in case you're wondering what a backlog is, it's essentially a list of games you haven't played or wish to replay.

As for why we make them? I suppose that question really depends on the person.

For me personally I never want to miss out on any of the latest games, I live and breathe video games and have been playing them since I was a child and felt compelled to play and discuss each of them growing up, good or bad.

And so growing up having little to no internet access as a child I used to just simply write up lists of games I saw advertised on TV, seen in magazines, or heard about from friends that I wanted to play.

And as I grew up, more and more games came out, the bigger my list got. But obviously as I got older, time to play games sorta just slipped away from me, I went to school, I found a full time job, etc.

But never once did I ever stop adding to my "backlog" of games, and so now this list, in a much more convenient notepad file still remains to this day, and it's huge.

On the plus side, it saves me money on buying games because usually by the time I get around to playing the latest game on my backlog it already got a sequel or it's sequel gained another sequel.

The rare exception for new games being a game I absolutely needed to play on release, like any MGS games for example.

So I'm in no rush on getting the latest NEW 3DS or PlayStation 4, Xbox One, WiiU etc

I always dreamed of actually being a writer for Nintendo Power, Game Informer, or PC Gamer and discussing video games, any time anyone even remotely mentioned anything related to video games I feel like I could talk for hours on the subject and not get tired of it.

So I've taken to reviewing them now, which I suppose brings me to me to the topic of our channel.

Originally we formed Cynical Bastards back in early January 2013 more or less just to simply do let's play of older games we enjoyed playing growing up on the side and talking a bunch.

We had little to no idea on how to edit videos, and we spent hours learning how to use programs such as Sony Vegas just to put up our very first video.

We ended up getting pretty bored of doing let's plays however...

We originally never had any intention of ever going anywhere with this channel or even doing game reviews for that matter, but yet here I am writing a blog post that possibly no one may ever read, on one of my favorite websites about my own game reviews.

So fast forward a few months later, I put up a gag video titled A Journalistic Review of Bubsy 3D and talked about how it was the greatest video game ever and gave it ART/10.

The whole original idea behind "A Journalistic Review" was to more or less mock modern gaming journalism and game reviews, to me back then it almost seemed like games were based on a 9 point decimal out of 10 scale and anything under 8 was just considered "bad".

Whatever happened to those days when 8/10 was actually a great score?

So I'd purposely come up with ridiculous ratings for games to more or less mock this, and still continue to do so. I feel after explaining what I like and dislike about the game, and you still need a rating out of 10 to justify your reason to purchase or play any game, you can go watch every other review on the internet or go stare at metacritic.

So anyways, one day I decided to review Crazy Taxi on the SEGA Dreamcast after my good pal Sam Mui (or Seraph as he's known on our channel and his common in game name) sent me an Elgato HD PVR as a gift.

So without my best pal, none of this would have happened, so shouts out bro.

So from there I decided to do my first console game review, and originally the whole idea was to rag on 90s kids and how they've probably never even seen an arcade before.

But then I started actually getting really into the idea of reviewing the game seriously, and talking about what I liked and disliked about it.

But at the same time I wanted to come up with a formula for how I would go about it.

A review or two later, I came up with a "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly system".

"The Good" being pretty self explanatory and talking about what I enjoyed about the game, "The Bad" being what I disliked, and "The Ugly" what I thought about the game graphically.

And so from there even my friend/co-partner on the channel Seraph began reviewing games as well.

It ended up becoming our primary focus as well, and soon enough we gained a small tiny following of a few fans and subscribers, and even joined a YouTube network.

So with all this, I decided to drop the name "A Journalistic Review" since it no longer lived up to it's original premise and decided to go with...

"Infinite Backlog"

So I hope you guys enjoyed the read and thanks for taking your time to do so if you did, and I hope you enjoy our first few real attempts at reviews we've done.
Any forms of feedback are appreciated, I'll be posting more reviews we've possibly done once a week or so in the future on this blog of mine, so feel free to subscribe to the channel or follow me on here if you wish.
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