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Occam Thoughts: Podcasts

I have found myself seeking some accompaniment when I am playing video games.� I used to listen to albums and audio books but lately the name of the game has been podcasts.� There is nothing more pleasant than facing the hordes of Hell in Diablo 3 and investing some time in an entertaining podcast.� I have seen a few folks around here mention that they enjoy podcasts so I thought it would be fun to share a few podcasts that I enjoy with everyone here.� I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.� Feel free to share your suggestions with everyone in the comments!

*Excuse the formatting issues.� You all know the score.

1) improv4humans


Matt Besser hosts one of, if not the best improv comedy podcasts currently out there.� Besser is one of the founding member of the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade.� Every week Besser and a rotating group of guests take suggestions for words or stories over Twitter and then create improv scenes based on them.� Its hilarious, vulgar and brilliant.� If you like to laugh or are interested in impov comedy, this is the podcast for you.

2) How Did This Get Made?

How Did This Get Made?

This is the podcast for you if you enjoy wonderfully bad movies and making fun of them.� Paul Scheer, his wife June Diane Raphael and the delightful Jason Mantzoukas get together and watch awful movies and mock them as only professional funny people can.� From classics like Demoltion Man and Gymkata to more questionable fare like Daredevil and Easy Rider 2, they eviscerate these movies in a hysterical way.� They watch the movie beforehand so you don't have to have the movie playing alongside the podcast which is always nice.�

3) You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird

Pete Holmes interviews famous people and gets them to open up about God, sex, happiness, pain and everything in between.� While Holmes is a love or hate personality because of how boisterous he can be (mainly just on live shows) I find him to be very kind and empathic.� If you really want to see controlled chaos, watch any live show he does with T.J. Miller.� Those two get together and its like two banshees fucking inside a tornado.� This podcast can be really hilarious and very touching and its great if you like the interview format.

[size=4]4) Doug Loves Movies


Doug Loves Movies

Doug Benson, comedian and stoner extraordinaire loves movies.� Each week he has a panel of his friends who usually also happen to be famous people (Edgar Wright and Jon Hamm come to mind) on to discuss movies and play games.� Its a very fun podcast and is one of the more popular ones out there right now.� Its ok if you aren't a huge movie buff, this podcast may be based on movies but its really more about the guest interaction than anything.

5) The Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon are two very funny people who love video games and each other.� This married couple talks about the week in video games and interviews all types of folks about video games, pop culture and general geekery.� Some past shows that I really loved were their interview with Troy Baker and the game director for The Last of Us, Bruce Straley.� They have great banter and wax on games on both a humorous and intellectual level.

6) The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

This one is a bit different.� Host Paul Gilmartin talks about mental illness both in his personal life and the lives of others.� This one can be a real gut punch, especially for anyone who has been affected by substance abuse or anxiety.� Paul reads letters people have written him and discusses all sorts of issues people have in their lives.� He also interviews people about their own mental illness and it is a fascinating, heart breaking look into the how and why of personal tragedy and overcoming obstacles.� Its an honest, sometimes humorous look at mental illness that has a very supportive tone.� Worth a listen for sure but be warned it can be emotionally draining, especially if the topic hits close to home.

7) Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale

Oh my, where to begin with this?� So imagine if the X-Files, Twilight Zone and H.P. Lovecraft created a town.� That town would be Night Vale.� Now you tune in on your radio to listen to a weekly broadcast from the town's only radio station.� That would be Welcome to Night Vale.� This is a must listen for everyone who is a fan of the strange and macabre.� Great for long drives late at night.� Just beware the Sheriff's Secret Police.

So that is seven podcasts.� I think that's enough for now.� I hope you find something to enjoy from these.� Lord knows I have found plenty of solace losing myself in a podcast and playing a video game.� I hope you can do the same.

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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