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Lamba Incident - SFM Machinima WIP


So I am undergoing a massive project. Massive as in i've never done it before except once before on a different game without any serious engine tools and huge limitations. Safe to say that this will be my first successful attempt at machinima. This project actually spurred out of Black Mesa: Source assets becoming available which allows me to use HD assets from Half Life 1 to create something. So my first project stems outside of the norm of Team Fortress 2 or Portal machinima by not following suit. There's also the difficulties of learning SFM and trying my best to have each scene reach a certain vision I have for them. I'm only using engine sounds and stuff because I want it to feel like it's the game and be more like you're spectating something horrible going down. Are you wondering what the project is about?

If you've played Half Life 1 then you know of the Lambda Incident(working title of the film and might end up as the official title of the project) where Gordon with influence of G-Man caused a resonance cascade allowing Xen creatures to attack the Black Mesa facility. My project is a non-Freeman, Calhoun, etc perspective by simply being what ifs alongside an action packed narrative of the decay of the Black Mesa facility due to the fighting eventually leading to the aftermath of the destroyed Black Mesa facility where not even Black Ops could hold off the onslaught. As such, it'll have a traditional closure without an open ending as it's simply a different perspective and retelling of the incident.

I have one scene almost near completion and it's more of a establishing of the things. I still have a variety of other stuff to do so I cannot give an ETA on completion. SFM has alot of things to account for and since I only know traditional film techniques as a filmmaker means I have to apply that alongside learning animation and a list of other things like particle effects. This project will be a long one so there's no official due date on when it'll release but i'll keep everyone updated on progress. Hopefully by the time all scenes are rendered and I can do finishing touches like color correction and final polish then I will for sure have something to show. My hope is that it'll be a unique and cool experience.

Thanks for reading this and having interest in the project.
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