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(VIDEO) The Last Of Us - A Photo Mode journey through Remastered


Lately, I've been jamming out the PS4's latest, The Last Of Us: Remastered. Feeling emoshunz, killing zomb- *ahem*... infected, daydreaming about Tess (imagine me serenading her with this song in some dirtied up long sleeve sweater in a backdrop of corpses), and getting a lot of milage out of this "Photo Mode". 

This is actually my second run through of The Last Of Us, my original being when the PS3 version released. And, ya know, it's still one of my favorite games. The gameplay has it's imperfections, but it's interesting and, on Grounded Mode, very satisfying. The story and pacing of said story, though, is where the golden chick as laid her golden egg and I hope age does it well. Most eggs are rather smelly when left out too long. 

The above video is a documentation of this second run through of mine. Mostly using Photo Mode and my mind-blowing artistry in photography, but also using some gameplay captures via the PS4's Share Factory. I think it came out pretty nice! One of my better videos, for sure. 

Tell me what you think? It's very very heavy on spoilers, so maybe don't watch it and go play the game. That'd be great, and tell your friends I told you it was awesome so they can play it too and I can feel good about myself for some more stuff.
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