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When your time has come you should go Next-Gen

Coming 1984...

I always tell myself that you should never get a console just for one game. Have at least three. I made this list with my Vita (P4: Golden, Gravity Rush, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection) and I think the time has come to choose one of the new home consoles.

First of all, I don't like the Xbox One and this has nothing to do with its performance or the kinect. It's more personal than that. I bought both systems the last time. My PS 3 is still one of my favorite consoles of all time. Catherine, Valkyria Chronicles, The Uncharted Trilogy and The Last of Us are sweet memories of mine and my fat 80 GB PS 3 runs smoothly to this day.

My Xbox 360 was the problem child. Loud as hell and with no exciting exclusives other than Gears of War and Tales of Vesperia, it just broke down after three years. Red Ring of Death. The warranty ran out and I was low on cash at the moment.
Shortly after that, the Xbone Conference made me lose all interest in the Xbone. The same exclusives (gears of war, halo, fable) and the bad treatment of indie developers (contracts that state that they have to release their games at first on the Xbone as a timed exclusive) are mismanagement on Microsoft's side. And I have no interest in tv.

Sony did everything right. They concentrated on the games, made an indie friendly platform and a more powerful console. So yeah, I will get a PS 4 and to go back to the start of this article. Here are my 3 games that ring the bells to go next-gen.

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

It looks amazing and I am a big fan of Metal Gear. The tactical options with The Mother Base seem to be neat and the stealth missions in Afghanistan look like fun.

2. Bloodborne

Project Beast seems to be an even darker game than the souls series. I love the artstyle and for the first time you can shoot guns in a game inspired by the souls series.

3. Uncharted 4

My prediction is that this is the last Uncharted (at least with Nathan Drake as protagonist). After The last of us and the almost perfect Uncharted 2 I still have faith in the series. I just wish they would experiment a little bit with the "formula" of Uncharted.

I don't wanna say that I will get a PS 4 asap. I still have much to discover on my old PS 3 (Tales of Xilia 1 and 2, Persona 5, Ni no Kuni, Demon's Souls, Bayonetta, Puppeteer...)So I'm gonna take my time and I hope I will see you in the future, whenever that may be.

See you, 1984.
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