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Tonich's Top Ten Games List

So, there's a new trend going on with top ten games list, and while I was initially reluctant (rather: lazy) to write one and thought of just leaving a comment in the corresponding blog, I finally decided that I wanted my write-up to stay in my blog for me to reread it on long winter nights and feel like I'm worth something. :) I'll make it brief though. Because I'm lazy.
It's so hard to rank my favourite games this way. They are so different, and I love them all so much... but I'll try to do it. And hope that they won't sulk and disappear from my game library forever. :)

10.  The Void. As opposed to games I replay constantly, there are some that I never go back to after completing, and yet I just can't get them out of my head. I contemplate on the game's story (for it's cryptic like hell), I tell my friends about it (and fail miserably because it's not a game you can describe in a couple of sentences), I regularly find images and music that remind me of its art and soundtrack. I've even written a fucking song inspired by one of the game's locations! And yet, I can't force myself to replay it, or recommend it to most players, because as a game it is really unfriendly... Yes, I am talking about The Void. Try it sometime. No, better don't. Or maybe... hell, I can't decide.

And there are also honorary mentions for Dark Souls, Final Fantasy VII, Dune II, Gothic II and Deadly Premonition and a number of other games that I'm sure have slipped my mind. They are all amazing, they just didn't make it on my list.
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