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Radio D 041 - Romancing Keith David

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 041 - Romancing Keith David! In this episode: Aaron sucks at tie-dyeing, Andy rises from his grave, Conor knows Skeletor, Kyle Shovel Knights the hardest, and guest host Pawel aka nanashi teaches us about HAM. We also discuss the disturbing lack of They Live slash fiction on the Internet, the drawbacks of smearing shit on walls, how to pronounce Ys, more e3 impressions, our gaming guilty pleasures, celebrity breakdowns, licensed games, and our Steam Summer Sale purchases. Plus: Kyle and Andy watch One Guy One Jar for the first time! Thanks to Roberto Plankton for designing our new show logo, look for that soon!

Break song: Rainbowdragoneyes - Chipwrecked


Music by Adam AcH (bravebeat.com / SoundCloud)


Nintendo's Bitch by Derek Pietras
Of Anime Babes, Tentacle Monsters And Loving Sisters: My Guilty Pleasure Game by Code Name Crono
Your gaming guilty pleasure by SpielerDad
You should buy Goat Simulator - no, seriously by OpiumHerz
Genesis Retroactive: Altered Beast by gajknight
The worst thing about censorship is ***** - 032 - Resident Evil (spin offs) by OpiumHerz
Bringing the online community offline with Dtoid Game Night NY by Andy Dixon
Let's play Fiasco on the forums! by MarcoSnow
Pokertoid - Anyone interested? by OpiumHerz
Twitchtoid by Brightside
Streamtoid: the Return of a Legend by shadow2398
Dtoid Southwest NARP by djnealb
Dtoid Southwest NARP is less than a month away! by djnealb
A Playstation Podcast, coming to a Dtoid near you! by nanashi

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