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Streamtoid: the Return of a Legend


Ladies and gentlemen, I�m proud to announce the return of Streamtoid. Yes, that Streamtoid; the Destructoid community run twitch.tv channel.

Things will hopefully be a bit more streamlined this time around, with a couple of slight tweaks being made. First thing�s first, there will be a publicly viewable schedule ready at any point in time so folks can now what�s going on. The second thing is pretty simple, Fridays will be reserved for anyone doing streams of Friday Night Fights, that way everyone can have a shot to show off what FNF has to offer. The last change will hopefully make things simple for everyone; it�s just a small google form to fill out for anyone who wants to stream available here: Application.

Other than that it�s the same old Streamtoid we grew to know and love, just, with a new set of management who doesn�t want to see it die again. More details will be coming soon about specifics, and I really hope to see this channel back and thriving once again soon. Have any suggestions? Comments? Concerns?
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