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Burn everything, play in the ashes: What games should learn from Risk: Legacy


I think above all else, what I take away from Risk: Legacy is that it's a game that values YOU. You the player, your group, your friends, your experience. It isn't about the game you bought so much as the game you make together (if that makes any sense). We need more games that do that. That take risks, that trust the players to make choices and live with them. That value a fulfilling experience over play-length padding.

Bring on the punk rock videogames. The short daring games that aren't afraid to let the players take the wheel. That trust you enough to let you screw up and play around those blunders. That know the best stories are the ones you make together. We'll be here waiting for them with our mechs, and bears, and purple tanks, and regrettable decisions.
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