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Gamestop, why must you hate us collectors?

Recently, I developed an obsession with Cave Story and I absolutely had to own Cave Story 3D, no matter what the cost. I looked at Gamestop's website and saw that while it happens to be a rather hard to find games, there were over ten stores around me that had the game, one being essentially across the street. I went over to pick the game up, but I didn't see the case for it anywhere, but I saw the cart in their used 3DS case. I asked one of the employees if they had the case and manual for the game anywhere, but they told me that they have been told to throw away all cases and manuals for used 3DS games. Refusing to buy such a new game that isn't complete, I went home and called all of the other stores on that list that had the game. I heard the same story over and over again; they were told to throw away cases and manuals for all used 3DS games.

Out of frustration, I decided to search for a complete game on the internet. Ebay had it for over 60 for a complete copy, and nobody was selling it on the game collecting forum that I belong to... so I decided to search on Amazon. I ended up finding a complete copy on there, for 40 dollars. Fifteen dollars more than what Gamestop sells it for. Out of frustration, I ended up ordering it there and got the game yesterday. I've been playing it, and enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed the free version of the game, but the more that I� played the game, the more annoyed I got with Gamestop.

Why did I have to pay an extra fifteen dollars for the box and manual? Why do they throw away boxes and manuals of 3DS games anyway? It's not like they're saving a ton of space by doing this. They take up basically no space as it is, and I'm probably not the first person to walk out of a Gamestop without an intended game because they purposely threw away a case. I honestly wonder how many people actually come in for a niche used title like Cave Story 3D, see the lack of a case and manual and still buy the game. Am I really the minority here? Are collectors really that few and far between that we make no difference to Gamestop when it comes to 3DS games? Would you guys buy a game that came out not that long ago that didn't have the case and manual, especially with niche games, or games that aren't easy to find?
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