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First Impressions, after a week on Destructoid

I am not entirely sure where to start this. �It's been fun writing in a community instead of just for my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but I have found there to be several issues, at least for me, and I wanted to take the chance to reach out to the community on this.�

The blogging recommendations say to write analytically, add substance, and to provide general insight to provoke thoughtful discussion. �It saddens me that I only see this discourse every once in a while (shout out to bloggers like�Elsa�who generate amazing discussion) and that more often than not, articles that seem to be getting attention are 2 line failblogs. �

Not complaining by any means, because this has been a great week of writing for me, but it causes me to wonder how/why some troll who intentionally copied the�DO NOT BLOG LIKE THIS�text as his first post, has received more attention that any of the analytic pieces that I have written. �

I figured I'd try a plethora of different styles too, see what engaged. �Review?��Not too bad, but Dtoid doesn't want reviews from us, they have that covered. �Ok then,�short opinion piece posing questions to the community? �Nope, nothing, even with a controversial subject. �Alright, let's go with�academic-style analytic paper��to provoke discussion then. Still nothing, and probably the least popular of all of them.

And this isn't just talking about my blog either, I have read others that are generally thought-provoking and very well written, that receive 1 or 2 hearts, and a couple comments. �And then there are others that are extremely poorly written, don't provide any insight or personal reflection, and manage to start "Rising".�

So then my questions are:

1. Are people reading our blogs and just not bothering to comment or like us?
2. How many people are actually checking out the community blogs? �I seem to see the same few names quite often.�
3. What does the community�actually�want from us to read? �
4. And lastly, will someone please e-punch all these one-line blog trolls in the mouth?

Thanks for reading, just was feeling frustrated and wanted to get my thoughts out to the community on this, maybe get some insight. �This is in no way an attack on other bloggers (except you trolling douchebags) or Dtoid, but general curiosity.�


Edit: Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful responses. �It is very encouraging to see that kind of response and all of your recommendations and insight. �I look forward to blogging with you all. :)
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