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'Twas the Night Before E3...

...and over at my place, there was no hype to be had, oh what a disgrace...

Cannes, France. In a post-apocalyptic world.

Because of the internet and an already loyal fanbase, these schlocky, derivative titles we're getting for E3 don't need an event to show them off.  All you have to do is say 'Halo 5' and you're looking at at least 3 or 4 million in sales. E3 should be about unique things that developers are working on, things that might one day end up in a Far Cry or Assassin's Creed, but are being experimented with in some new IP that could use the exposure.  

I really wish I cared about E3 like I did when I was younger, but the event itself needs to change and offer something different.  In this digital age where there are constant updates for major AAA titles, featuring gameplay footage and big plot details, that product doesn't need to hog the floor at E3 anymore.  AAAs are the superhero movies of video games, the don't need the extra publicity, they'll still top a billion at the box office, and leave creativity decimated in their wake.  So E3... Impress me.  Please.  Because right now, I'm not feeling it.

So in the comments let me know what you think about E3.  Is it fine the way it is?  Should they change anything?  Also, what are you really hype for at E3?  There might be something I'm missing that could actually be great.  I'm open to suggestions!
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