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What Would Final Fantasy VII Remake Look Like Now

I remember how everyone was hyped when the now notorious tech demo of Final Fantasy VII intro remade on PS3 engine was shown. After all, I myself was hyped, too!

Note: the price of the Ultra Special SOLDIER Exclusive Limited Edition does NOT include shipping costs.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: The Thieving Ninja Queen DLC Pack. Allows the adolescent ninja Yuffie Kisaragi to join your team, unlocks her weaponry and adds “Wutai” location and side mission, allowing you to unlock Yuffie’s final Limit Break (Note: sold separately within the No Limits pack).

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: The Red Undead DLC Pack. Allows the Undead ex-Turk Vincent Valentine to join your team, unlocks his weaponry and adds “Lucrecia’s Cave” location and side mission, allowing you to unlock Vincent’s final Limit Break (Note: sold separately within the No Limits pack).

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: No Limits DLC Pack. Adds new locations and side quest that allow you to unlock non-DLC characters’ final Limit Breaks (Note: Some of the Limit Breaks require the Mini Games DLC, in order to be obtained).

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: The Mini Games DLC Pack. Unlocks the Submarine, Fort Condor Defense, Gold Saucer Arena, Chocobo Racing and Chocobo Breeding mini games.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: The Nemesis DLC Pack. Allows those seeking greater challenge to fight Ruby and Emerald Weapons and gain spectacular rewards for defeating them (Note: the Emerald Weapon fight requires the Submarine mini game, purchased via Mini Games DLC Pack)!

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: The Resurrection DLC (not included in Season Pass). This DLC was created as an answer to multiple complaints from gamers dissatisfied with the conclusion of Disk 1 of the original game. Outsourced to Bioware, this expansion allows the player to alternate the scene at the Forgotten Capital and influence its outcome.

Explanation: the DLC allows Cloud to engage in a conversation with Sephiroth before the latter kills Aeris. While they chat, the rest of the group shift from foot to foot with dumb expressions on their faces. The conversation can result in the following:
1. Failing to dissuade Sephiroth or agreeing to join his cause - Sephiroth kills Aeris.
2. Persuading Sephiroth to join your group - Aeris kills herself in shame and Sephiroth later betrays you.
3. Talking Sephiroth to sleep and sneaking out of the Forgotten Capital - Aeris gets to despise Cloud and the rest of the group for being cowards and for preventing her from doing her task. Her morale broken, she succumbs to fever and dies at Great Glacier.

Oh, and it's totally open world now and features asynchronous multiplayer!
...would you guys still be willing to purchase a game like that? ;)
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