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2014 Indie Game Maker Contest + Dev Diary incoming


So yeah, this is a thing that is happening and guess who is participating this time? Right. This guy.

Why especially this one? Well basically because it's actually possible for me to partake. While this may be true for basically every contest, the timelimit of two days (mostly) leaves me with too many ideas and too few time to actually get something playable out of it.
While the Header there says "powered by RPG Maker", it's not a necessity. You can basically enter with whatever project you like.

So what am I gonna do? Well, here are some bulletpoints I made for myself with explanations and an outlook on what I plan to do.

A rogue-like dungeon crawler

This actually was one of the biggest problems I had initially. I wanted to make some lovecraftian visual novel-style game. However, one of the conditions is, that it's basically gotta be finishable in an hour since that's all the time they're gonna give it. This basically left the Visual Novel idea out there. Plus, there shouldn't be adult content in it and while things like madness etc. are fine, I don't think that "incredibly mind-devouring space monsters" makes for a great experience for younger people.�
The thing is: I don't want to make something that keeps players interested in an hour. So a rogue-like was in order. It gives me the best opportunity to mix gameplay with a constantly evolving narrative.


I'm not gonna spoil too much here but it won't be your typical fantasy setting since I Can't. Take. It. Anymore.
As for the tone: I wanted to take a darker approach but I'm still pondering whether that's the right way or if I should make it more humorous. I guess I'll decide once the first dialogues etc. are typed. Then I see whether it fits with what I want to do or if I do the other thing instead...sometimes things sound awesome in your head but in reality...

Turn-based combat?

Nope. I wanna go for an action-based combat system.

When will it be playable?

Well, since it has to be in by midnight of June 30th, very soon. If someone's out there who would offer his or her services to check an earlier build for bug testing and quality assurance, I'd be much obliged.


Currently it's named "Project Hvergelmir" but that sounds incredibly corny so most likely it'll be a working title.

The obligatory "List of things I'll include if I have the time"

- Custom Soundtrack
- More than the basic "male/female" choice (we're talking character creator. ATM, I only made a male and a female character)
- Visible Inventory choices (you put on armor, you see it on your char)
- Maybe an animated Intro

Will I take to Kickstarter after this?

Nope. Definitely not. I got a dayjob and that provides me with everything I need. I want to make this to keep my skills up regarding this. Games should be about fun, not finances.

So yeah...watch this space, I plan on delivering daily updates how it's going. So far today I created the characters and wrote several story paths. Tomorrow I'll start mapping and deciding, which story draft to finally use.

So yeah...wish me luck.
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