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Been Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles

It is sad that Xenoblade Chronicles has become such a troublesome game to get ahold of. From the difficulty in just getting it released to the rumors of Gamestop price-gouging used copies, the game will likely be remembered more for this than the actual game itself.

And that's a shame, because as my 75 hours logged have shown, the game is damn fine.

And I only just now got my final party member.

The battle system is real-time, with auto-attack enabled for all the characters. Essentially, if your character is in range of a monster target, they will automatically attack it. You can assign up to 8 skills to a skill map that lays on the bottom of the screen, with each character having a unique skill in the center. Shulk can use the Monado's abilities, for example, whereas Riki can steal items, or Reyn can draw the enemies' attention. Characters themselves fall into familiar classes, such as healer, attacker, magic-user, tank, etc. You can choose the one best for the situation.

And they get experience points even if they don't participate in battle. Anyone who has played a JRPG can appreciate that.

There are no healing items, or expendables in battle. Nor are there things like magic points. When you use a skill in battle, you need to wait for it to recharge before using it again. It's simple, but effective, especially since battles can get really chaotic really quickly.

Now, I think I've talked about the game enough for one day. It doesn't look like I'm anywhere near done with the game, and will likely be playing it for quite a long time yet. I gotta keep something to talk about in another blog post.

Plus, once Mario Kart 8 comes out, Xenoblade may just have to wait.
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