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A Tribute to Conrad Zimmerman – The Mustache of Dtoid

A few weeks ago a small number of contributors/editors had to leave Destructoid, unfortunately. All these people are great in their own way, but if you are like me you have a soft spot for Conrad Zimmerman. Conrad was a part of the site for many years, so please join me as we take a look at some of his work on this wonderful site.

I feel you, Conrad. Been there, done that.

As previously mentioned, I started visiting Dtoid way later, in 2011. But one of my first experiences with Dtoid was one of Conrad's shows on Dtoid's Twitch channel: Backlog. It was also one of my first experiences with people streaming themselves playing video games. I had watched a few Let's Plays on Youtube, but I had no idea that people did this live, together with a chat room. I was hooked, and started watching this mustache man play games like Pikmin 2 and Parasite Eve 2 quite frequently, despite the fact that he was streaming at 05:00 AM (my local time. Good thing I was a student at the time).

Conrad also hosted Saturday Morning Hangover on Twitch, where he played various XBLA/indie games and other games together with current News Editor Jordan Devore and Conrad's lovely fiancé, and later wife, Katrina, and Ramses the cat (who would miraculously start dancing when Conrad wanted him to). Hosting these shows were sometimes trialling, but Conrad was never too proud to ask for help when necessary, as shown here:
Backlog: Conrad introduces an old friend

So yeah, Conrad did a lot of audiovisual stuff, but it wasn't limited to just Twitch. Conrad produced and participated in Office Chat, a sort of predecessor to the current Hardline podcast, where he and other editors would discuss video game news. He has and still is helping out with Sup Holmes, he made The Daily Spelunk with Jordan where he played Spelunky way more than most video game journalists (something he seems to have continued doing on his own Youtube channel). And not least he also put his mark on Podtoid (now Dismal Jesters) with Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes where he had to listen to and be a part of the crazy antics of the other two.
By Truongasm

I can't talk about Conrad without mentioning his mustache. It is a glorious phenomena to behold, and many a tale could be told about its deeds. It even has its own Facebook page. Personally I believe its power is the reason why Conrad is so eloquent and manages to be so civil and calm even to the most trollish Youtube commenter. Or maybe Conrad's well-mannered personality and articulated tongue gives the mustache an ideal environment to thrive in. Either way, it's all pretty impressive.

All of the things I've mentioned are in addition to all the countless reviews, previews, news posts and features that Conrad made. This man did so many things for this site and was here for such a long time that it's hard to imagine it without him, and I'm sure there are so many other things that could be mentioned, things I've forgotten or just don't know about. So if you want to add something in the comments or share your favorite memory of Conrad's time at Dtoid, please do so. Speaking for myself, I can only say good luck with your future endeavors, Conrad, I'm certain you'll do great things, I look forward to seeing them, and I will miss seeing your face and mustache on this site.
Here's a bad photoshop I once made of Conrad buried in leaves.
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