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Sony E3 Prediction/Wish List Part 1 - PS4 Games

E3 is right around the corner, and with all these fake "leaks" sounding like they're just a bunch of wish lists, I figured I might as well make one of my own. Since Sony's conference is the one I'm most interested in, he's my somewhat realistic (but not really) wish list for their conference. In Part 1, I'll be focusing just on the PS4 games I think should be there for the press conference.

Uncharted 4 (Naughty Dog)

The first three moved 18M units on PS3. Sony's counting on a repeat performance.

This game has had quite a troubled development. Studio heads leaving, voice actors being taken off the project, and more than two and a half years after this team finished up with Uncharted 3 we've yet to see a single screenshot or any in engine footage of the title. The chances of this thing making 2014 are slim to none as far as I'm concerned. A Spring 2015 release isn't out of the question, however, and a gameplay trailer (even if it's not a live demo) could help move some PS4s this holiday knowing a "killer app" is seemingly around the corner.

Syphon Filter: Kill Strain (Bend)

It's been almost 7 years since this cliffhanger of a game. I need closure!

Since Bend finished up with Uncharted: Golden Abyss in late 2011, they've been hard at work on their first console game since the poorly received Syphon Filter: Omega Strain in 2004. The current speculation is that Sony's recently filed trademark for "Kill Strain" is in fact the PS4 game Bend has been developing, giving the similarity to the PS2 title. Either that, or Sony's marketing team is really bad at coming up with original names for things. Since Ready at Dawn got a full four years from God of War: Ghost of Sparta to put out The Order: 1886, I figure Bend will get the same. While we probably won't see this in 2014, that doesn't mean Sony couldn't give us a brief trailer for it.

Beast Souls (From Software)

Video games: making you scream at inanimate objects since 1972.

When the screenshots for "Project Beast" supposedly leaked this month, there was a lot of speculation that From Software was working on a successor to 2009's awkwardly named PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls. Dark Souls was originally known as "Project Dark" during pre-development, so the name scheme fits. Since Dark Souls II just released last March, I'd normally say it's unlikely that this game will be coming any time soon. Those screenshots make it seem like the game is much further along than that, and since From Software is a multi-team studio this could have been in development concurrently with Dark Souls II. As such, I wouldn't be shocked to see this get a full reveal trailer and a 2014 release in Japan.

The Last Guardian (Team Ico)

Hurry up and finish this so we can all cry when the bird/cat thing dies.

So we had to get to the elephant in the room at some point. This game's incredibly lengthy development makes the situation at Naughty Dog seem perfectly normal by comparison. The Last Guardian has been worked on for so long, it completely skipped a generation a la Square Enix and Versus XIII. Wouldn't make much sense to put this out on PS3 with GT6 being the swan song for the console, so I'd expect to see this as a PS4 exclusive instead. While it's possible we'd see this in 2014, at least in Japan, 2015 is probably much more likely. Hopefully we get a pretty trailer at E3 to tide us over.

Not LittleBigPlanet 3 (Media Molecule)

I volunteer not to be the one to tell him he won't be getting a new sequel.

We already know that Media Molecule's new game will be a new IP, and in all honestly I think that's for the best. We've had four LBP titles before, two on consoles and two on handhelds. With Tearaway being such a critical darling, I'd love to see what else new MM can bring to the table. Their PS4 tech demo was... interesting to say the least. This one's been in pre-development since 2012, so while we probably won't see it this year (their entire studio has about 50 people) we might be lucky enough to get another tech demo of some sort. Hopefully one that's a little more representative of whatever it is they're actually working on.

God of War Spiritual Successor (Santa Monica)

Cheer up, Kratos. You've had a good run. Maybe you'll get a Vita spin off?

As we found out earlier this year, Santa Monica Studio had been working on a new open world sci-fi game for the past four years and... well Sony decided to cancel it and lay off a bunch of people. It's a real shame and a story that I hope one day gets told. The hope that Santa Monica would become a two team studio like Naughty Dog is out of the question now, but what is the God of War: Ascension team working on? While I don't think it'll be another installment in the franchise, I don't think they're going to drop those core gameplay mechanics either, much as ND didn't with the jump from Uncharted to The Last of Us. If Sony has a "one more thing" teaser to cap off the show with, it'd be this. Just like God of War III the first time we saw it, you can bet this'll turn heads as well.

Other Playstation 4 Games:

The Order: 1886 is obviously Sony's big game this holiday. Not sure if it can move hardware like Uncharted 4 would have, but with the right marketing push I think they'll be alright. And I think that push needs to start with a really kick ass live demo at E3 and a release date announcement (probably November). If they're smart, they'll start the show off with this. I'd also expect to see another trailer for their other holiday exclusive Driveclub, probably showing off some new social/multiplayer features and confirming the final car list.

Can this do for the PS4 what Gears did for the 360? We shall see...

Sony London is confirmed to be working on a new "AAA character action game" built around the Move. We have no idea how long this has been in development, so it could be ready now or still be a year or more off. We might see something on this at the show, if only briefly. And while I don't think Polyphony is anywhere close to ready to show off Gran Turismo 7, I do think we'll see a Last of Us style port of GT6 announced on PS4 for this holiday. It already ran in 1080p60 on PS3, why not up it to 2560x1440 and give people an excuse to pick up one of those 4K Bravias?

That's all I've got for now. Check back in a few days for Part 2, where I'll be discussing what Vita games Sony should bring to E3 (spoiler alert: it'll be way more than whatever it is they actually do), and what announcements I'd like to see them making regarding PSN, Plus, PS Now, Classics, and more.
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