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10 things Gajknight finally got around to telling you after his exams.

The title says it all. Exams are over! Get hype!

So I thought why not make a blog about myself. It's great stress relief and I kinda don't know what to do with myself at the moment. That weird feeling after exams where you wonder what next...

So anyway, here's just a small snippet of me.

Me in one year. Fuck.

1. I'm studying Psychology at University.

Yep I'm studying Psychology. It's funny really, in secondary school I didn't give a shit about Psychology. I picked Maths, Further Maths, Biology and History, with the aim to study optometry at University. After failing Maths but getting a D in Further Maths (I don't know either) and finding Biology as boring and dull as a Brian May concert, that changed rapidly.

So I dropped Maths, Further Maths and Biology and picked up English Literature and Psychology. I was pissed. I'm not used to failure so this stung hard. But, weirdly, I started to really like Psychology. Learning about these crazy (pun intended) psychological issues people face, like Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, etc was super interesting. And I was really good at it, which helps I guess. And here I am, doing it at a University level.

I'm in my second year and I hope to graduate with a First and go do a post-graduate at Warwick, with the ultimate aim being to become a Clinical Psychologist. Lots of work ahead of me. But I think I can do it. Just about.

I like to worm my way into a good book.

2. I'm a avid reader of pretty much everything put to paper

I got into reading in primary school. We had to read during free time or do homework. I chose to read and have kept with it since then. Back when I had unlimited time, I'd get the maximum number of books from the local library (8) and read them within two weeks. Then I'd rinse and repeat ad nauseum.�

Now I don't read that much but I still do read a least 1 book a week. I've read everything, from Woolf to Wilde to Conrad to Bronte. I've even read The Divine Comedy because it sounded so metal (pro tip: It's hard as fuck). I'd like to read more though. I miss the days of just reading, with no exams or 'future' hanging over my head.

I'm a shy guy.

3. I am INCREDIBLY shy

Shock and awe, THE GajKnight is a shy person in real life! Well hell yeah I am!

Strangers just make me anxious. I worry about how they�perceive�me, if I look funny, if I'll say something stupid and make a fool of myself. I'm perfectly alright with friends and people I know. But strangers are scary yo.

I'm an introvert as well. So I don't go clubbing every week or the like. A nice, meet up with friends to watch movies and joke around is more my style.

Maybe that's why I'm so interested in Psychology. Maybe it's all just a convoluted way for me to look for a cure to my ailment, a quest for me to fix myself. Or maybe I'm being stupid again. Anyway, I'm shy.

I don't know what anime this is but I like it already.

4. Pizza, Chicken Wings and Dr Pepper are the foods of the Gods

These three foods are the best foods created by man. They are all any sane and healthy human being needs to survive and the apocalypse will be when God descends from above on his chariot of broken dreams and baby tears and takes all my Pizza, Chicken Wings and Dr Pepper.

And when he does, I'm gonna go Kratos on his ass so hard.

Sea-salt ice-cream is the best. And Roxas and Axel fanfiction is disturbing.

5. My favorite game is a 3-way split between Streets of Rage 2, Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts 2

Don't make me pick a favorite, I really just cannot decide. They've all been at the top at one time or another until I finally decided to make them all first.

Streets of Rage is the best 2D beat em up ever and has one of the best soundtracks in existence. Final Fantasy XII made me fall in love with RPG's and none have come close to beating it, even slightly (well Ni No Kuni...NO! NO!).�And Kingdom Hearts 2 is just a very special game. I just love it with every fiber of my being.

Bring on FFXII HD, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix (and Kingdom Hearts 3!) and Streets of Rage 2 HD (I wish).

I get all the bitches. And hammers.

6. I'm a property developer

I buy houses, do them up and then sell them on or keep them as rentals.
So far I've worked on, err, about 23 houses. I started when I was 12 with my dad, just learning the basics like putting floors in, plastering, installing kitchens, etc. Now I do it almost by myself. Me and my mum buy the houses, I do them up and she does whatever with them afterwards. We make a great team! Though she gets very bossy. (But don't tell her I said that or I'm dead ;))

Not my cat. He's way cuter.

7. My cat is cuter than your cat, FACT!

This is true. My cat kicks your cats butt in the cuteness factor. No contest.
I love that little moggy.

Literally me.�

8. I'm so British it's actually painful

My favorite tea is Earl Grey.�
I have a jacket with the British Flag emblazoned on it.�
My accent is quite posh and I have a habit of drawling my r's and s's. Rather.
I can recite Monty Python and the Holy Grail almost fully from memory.
I don't mind queuing. Honestly, it's�efficient�and neat.
Corgi's are cool as fuck. Huskies are the best but corgi's are a close second.
My teeth are slightly discoloured from all the tea I drink.
And most importantly, I spell colour properly.

Dropping sick beats like it 1723!

9. Music is a understated part of who I am

I listen to a lot of music. All different types as well (except Dubstep, fuck that noise). I'll give anything a try as long as it sounds good.

Some of my favourite albums and soundtracks include:
-Jar of Flies-Alice in Chains
-Ten-Pearl Jam
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST (PS1)
-Channel Oragne-Frank Ocean
-The Fat of the Land-The Prodigy
-Journey OST (PS3)
-Machine Head-Deep Purple
-What We All Come To Need-Pelican

And many more I can't even remember.�

10. (Insert soppy thing about Dtoid here)

But seriously, Dtoid is a really nice place. I feel extremely welcome here, everyone is incredibly individual and�interesting�and it's just nice. And you rock. Yes YOU!

Well that's me guys. Thanks for reading my far too long blog, I hope it was at least somewhat enjoyable. Though I haven't even scratched the surface of things I wanna talk about. Maybe I'll write another one of these in the future. Who knows.

See ya on the front page, nerds!

- lol ur mum

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