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Make trading cards for your friends! NEW Destructoid Cards


Long overdue blog post...

So last month, some guy took us back to a time where people here would do cool stuff like make trading cards for other community members. Not long after he shared his story, some other guy got interested in bringing it back and made a forum thread about it. The bored little fellow whose blog you're reading right now then decided to make a new template for it as an excuse to play around with Photoshop for a bit. Now, we have a whole bunch of these cards and YOU can make one too!

Here are some examples of what these cards can look like:

You can keep it simple by simply changing the colours and even forgetting some of the other details that should be in the card.


You can modify any part of the template.


Want to give Mr. Destructoid an eye-patch?


Want to animate your card?


Want to fill it with dicks?


You can do it! Go crazy with your card designs!


Do whatever you want!


Are you happy now, @Ross?


I'm not kidding when I said you could do anything you want with the template.



We have made 37 of these cards so far! You can view them and all future cards at:


(Special thanks to Marche100 for designing a whole bunch of these cards like nobody's business. Thanks Marche! I love you ♡)


Oh. I see you've met my friend. Isn't he a nice guy? Do what he says.

Get on it!

Download the Destructoid Font: http://modernmethod.com/2010/04B_03B_.TTF

Download the Template: http://dropbox.com/s/niv871glj7ijl6j/Card%20Template.psd
(You can open this on GIMP, don't worry)

Text Guide (for those who want to follow it):

*All caps for the Dtoid font. Move descriptions use Myriad Pro. You can replace it with any other plain looking font (Calibri/Arial/Tahoma looks close enough) if you don't have Photoshop. The size for the stroke/outline of the name, weakness, resistance, retreat is 2. Of course you can adjust the font size if it doesn't fit.

Now here's the fun part. Take note that there's one important "rule" for this whole thing, 
please believe in the Dtoid community's ability to write appropriate card information for you and your online personality, and not turn this into an elaborate way to make personal attacks on community members. Please.

Don't know how to use Photoshop/GIMP? Don't want to join the forums? No problem! Use the comments section of this blog to post your card ideas. Write movesets, suggest icons and pictures, then let other people take care of putting it all together. Make cards for anyone! Frontpage commenters, annoying people, staff, anyone who you feel is part of Dtoid.

So far, only me and Marche have done most of the designs for these but anyone can help out on the design work. Just make sure to tell everyone that you plan to work on/are already working on the design for a certain card.

Have fun :)

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