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You're reviving old, bad games now? That's cool!

With the announcement that the creator of Night Trap wants to re-release the game, and the fact that the Shaq-Fu reboot got funded on Kickstarter somehow, it seems that publishers want to capitalize on their old, long-dead IPs that they've been holding onto for a long time, now doing anything with for years. The games that have been announced, save for a few have been in the serious crap category, so here are my suggestions for games that really deserve to have either remakes or sequels in one way or another.

ActRaiser- A mix of SimCity and an action platformer with mild RPG elements? Come on (Square)Enix and make a new game! I know the second one was considered a disappointment in many fans eyes, but the action in that game was much better than in the original. Just keep the strategy and the RPG parts of the game in it.

E.V.O: Search For Eden- an action RPG where you start as a fish and you buy physical attributes to evolve yourself into some strange, fighting monstrosity, or a human or whatever you want. Yeah, make an open world current gen game out of this with online play and you got yourself a gem of a game... or at least a cult classic, just like the original game which happens to fetch a good amount on ebay right now. While you're at it, Square Enix, make an HD remake and put it on the 3DS  As a physical copy. I want to see that thing on my shelf.

Turrican- Mix Metroid with Contra with some cool cyberpunk art design and an amazing soundtrack and you got a formula for one of the best action series ever made. I know that Gunlord came out a few years ago for the Dreamcast and the NeoGeo, but we really need to see what Manfred Trenz has in his sleeve now. Hopefully it's something amazing. 

F-Zero- Come on, have you ever played a bad F-Zero game? Yeah, me neither. With the Wii U's not so great sales as of late, they really need something to help boost sales.  F-Zero may not be a game that sells consoles, but with all of the other great games, it might be the extra push that it needs to get people to buy a Wii U.  Nintendo, you already skipped on generation without an F-Zero game, please don't skip another.

Berserk- A hyper-violent fantasy anime and manga that was adapted into two video games, only one of which made it to the US, sadly. Get From Software to develop one and you know that game will be awesome. Hell, the Souls series was inspired by the Berserk anime as it is. They would probably love to make a Berserk game, and now that the new movies are coming out, it's the perfect time for it to happen.

I know a lot of these reboots of bad games are being funded because a lot of people have a soft spot for bad, nostalgic games. I happen to be one of those people myself, but if these are getting a lot of attention, there are just tons of games out there that could use the same treatment. Come on, developers, make some money.
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