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10 Things about KeithTheGeek


To be honest, I kinda ran out of topics to write about without getting into my personal life. So I guess Iíll throw some other things here just for kicks. A mini-list about me, if you will:

††† * I have asthma
††† * I like to bowl
††† * Godzilla is my favorite film series and Iím excited for the new film
††† * I even liked the original American Godzilla (gasp)
††† * I dislike coffee and most soda, but I love tea
††† * Despite living in the south, I hate sweetened tea
††† * My family loves cats, and at the moment we have seven of them
††† * We also have other pets, including turtles and parrots
††† * Iím actually pretty terrible at most video games
††† * To reiterate that point: I havenít beaten Super Mario Bros. yet

Well, it was nice to finally write a sort of introductory blog after being here for around two years now. Iíve been enjoying reading everyone elseís blogs about themselves, and I hope this gives some insight into my mind.
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About KeithTheGeekone of us since 9:57 AM on 04.06.2012

Social gamer/amateur Smasher. I like to collect retro hardware and amiibos.

Here's my Twitter, in case you want to read my ramblings.

Favorite Game Series: Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Kirby