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10 long-winded things you never cared to know about AceFlibble

I've been around for a long time now, but not too many people on here actually know that much about me. Since it's trendy at the moment, in no particular order...

I passed up free pizza so I could play a video game for longer.

I don't have a lens which will focus close enough, so enjoy my attempt at using a PS Vita to photograph my own arm in a room with a single working lightbulb.

I've been meaning to write a blog post about this for months, but never got around to it. Possibly because I feel that it doesn't actually require explaining; anybody who knows Destructoid and knows me will know why I had it done.

I've not always been terribly happy. To cut a long story (slightly) short, I used to be on a prescription of antidepressants so strong that it is now considered harmful and no longer legal to prescribe such an amount in this country. Bad times. A few years ago, my friend and Destructoid alumni Hollie Bennett told me to check out something called a "podcast" she would be on, called "The Podcastle", on a website called "Destructoid". Listening to that podcast genuinely changed my life.

Every day, when I wake up and stretch out or rub my face or reach to open the curtains or whatever, Mr Destructoid is there, grinning at me. He is my reminder, at the start of every day, that there are good people out there, people who make me happy, even the ones whom I barely know. It is a daily reminder that no matter what happens that day, we can always STFUAJPG!
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