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from the hospital...

Hey peoploids.

Just a quick update from my stay in the hospital. 15 days ago my mother donated me one of her kidneys After a small rejection that was treated with some antibodies and all kinds of other stuff the kidney works fine! Yeah! No more dialysis for me in the near future. 
My mother is already home again and feels like nothing has ever happened!
As you can imagine with that much free time at hand i played a few games. 

For starters i started another playthrough of KOTOR on my Mac Book. It took me forever (14h) to get from Tarsis, but now iīm a Jedi Counselor with a dual light saber, cutting my way through Tattoine. I really love the characterprogression. iīm a good guy at the moment, but the longer i play the darker i become. The last time i played that game on the original xbox and played good all the way through. This time i want to turn bad and experience the "bad ending".

Then there is my little GBA SP and Zelda the Minish Cap. I have to say that game is so amazing. At first i only played while sitting on the toilet. The fanfares at the beginning seemed to make my bowels move in a way that no medication ever could...!
But now iīm fully hooked again and i go outside and sit in the sun and keep searching for all the secrets that game has to offer. And there are a lot. From collecting figurines from minitendo, to catching chickens and connecting fragments with all the people and animals, to the challenging dungeons (palace of winds!!!) and the cool boss fights!
i love the Zelda series and "the minish cap" is a perfect example of how brilliant this series really is. Plus so far i only had to reload the batteries of my GBA SP  once in over 14 days! Take that 3DS! or PSP.

In five days iīll be able to go home again. Canīt believe this has all happened so fast in the end!
The time flew by thanks to these two games but also thanks to destructoid which provided me with  many funny comment threats over the last few weeks (that kirby threat!!) and the community blogs (zuckerhundīs metal gear solidīs secrets!!)

so long

Sam nn
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Hey Peoploids,

IÂīm a sound engineer from berlin.
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destructoid has been a pretty constant "internet thing" for me the past few years.


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