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Introductions, the community and words


Recently I�ve had the opportunity to participate in the Menage a Toid podcast and it was a blast to be part of such a good idea, a podcast made of several members, with a rotating cast. That can bring a lot of energie and different strokes to an involved project with several people and we get to get to know a bit more of fellow dtoiders, so that�s always a plus.

As I�ve said before, I do listen to some community podcasts, so being in the 1st episode with Glowbear and Panza from Scary Granules and Used from the LowTier was like being among friends that I haven�t seen in a while, since I already knew the voices. Of course, I�m a bit shy and I do have a low voice tone (as my TS friends keep telling me) so I did seem a lot quieter and shy. I�m also not the best speaker, even in Portuguese, so even though I read and write in English everyday (many times more that in Portuguese) I still lack the practice and that leaves me uncomfortable sometimes. But as it is with everything, it�s not something that can�t be overcomed with practice and I would very much like to be in another episode again when my time allows for it, because I really like talking with people, even though I don�t always seem like that.

So yeah, writting isn�t my forte, not even in Portuguese and that�s why I�ve never done a C-Blog before, I�ve read and read other C.Blogs, but I hope that this is just the beginning because I did enjoy writing this and I always want to be more involved.
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