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I just feel like giving Indie Gems away


Yeah. The title gives it away. It's hot outside and I can't stand heat so I encourage you all, to stay inside.�

How do I do it best? FREE VIDYAGAEMZ.

I saw the new Humble Bundle and thought to myself "Man, that's a fine bundle those guys got there. I own a lot of those games already but the fine Guys over at the Dtoid maybe don't. So I'll just give away those Gems to my favorite Videogaming community.

What you gotta do? I honestly don't know. Make me laugh, what ever, be creative. I just want to give away stuff...it's like reverse Cleptomania. Oh and don't forget to name which one of the following games you'd like and whether you'd like it DRM-free or as a Steam-Code.

Thomas was Alone

What is it?:�
One of the most enticing puzzle-platformers that are also narrative-oriented. It's also got a wonderful soundtrack. A perfect game to just lose yourself into. It's not "hard" or overly complex, but it doesn't need to be, to wrap you in.

Puzzle Bots

What is it?

You like 1990s-style Point'n'Click Adventures? Look no further. Lighthearted and funny, this game scratches a very particular itch, but does it really good.


What is it?

Basically it's a free-flowing Jump'n'Run that doesn't so much focus on precise platforming (though there is plenty of that) then moreso on a constant flow of gameplay. Like one of those fancy dusters: a very smoooooooooth experience.

VVVVVV (currently drivvvvvving nanashi insane in the membrane)

What is it?

If you have to ask, you'll most likely have spent the past few gaming years under a rock. The innovative and hard puzzle platformer, that instead of giving you the ability to jump, gives you the ability to reverse gravity for yourself. While this might sound like cheating at first, the designers made sure to get your grey matter to work for its entertainment.

Cave Story+

What is it?

Basically one of the best Metroidvanias ever out there. Good writing, great progression system, perfect learning curve and just a gameplay that FEELS right. THe + Version features some additional modes as well as some tweaks in general.

Reus (declared holy by bbain)

What is it?

The trailer says it pretty well: A god-game that unlike Peter Molyneux's "Black and White"-series, features creation through indirect influence.


What is it?

Dark, full of terrors and puzzles that sometimes are obvious and sometimes make you squeal in frustration...like the giant spider...omg, the spider....so dark.....

Cthulhu saves the World

What is it?

A retro-style RPG where you play as Cthulhu. It doesn't take itself to seriously and takes �more humorous approach to the Lovecraftian Mythos.�

Mutant Mudds (El Dango is too kool for skool when cleaning Mudds)

What is it?

A really good old-school Jump'n'Run that really made me feel like a kid again. There's not really that much to say about it. If you've ever had a NES or SNES and played some of the really good J'n'Rs on these systems, you'll know what I mean.

Lone Survivor (is currently leaving Wrenchfarm a shivering pile on the floor)

What is it?

Basically "Silent Hill" in a time, when Silent Hill goes to abandon its roots. I can't begin to describe my love for this game. It is absolutely awesome and should be played by everyone. Survival Horror at it's best. It's creepy, it's gory, it's suspenseful...it's everything you want. Guaranteed.


What is it?



What is it?

Beautiful, that's for sure. Also has a really good flow, nice puzzles, a good soundtrack and this overall feeling of being inside the "Nutcracker Suite"

So...These are the ones that are up for grabs. Hope you like them and most important: have fun.

P.S.: no region-restrictions of course.
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