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Gaming in Provincial Russia. Part Three

The Saga Continues!
Greetings again, ye noble Destructoid readers! This is my third and – at least for now – final entry in the Epic Tale of Struggle and Suffering of a Lone Gamer in the Land of Bears and Vodka

Well, at least Steam allows me to play my games in whichever language I want… Wait, what!?

Well, sure, not all the Russian gamers are as picky as me and many are content with the localizations. And I’m well aware that a whole lot of people don’t have enough language skills to enjoy untranslated games. So maybe they are the ones who benefit from this situation? I say, hardly so. You see, most translated games are big-budget cross-platform ones with a mandatory PC release. Anything other than that – console exclusives, indies, niche titles – aren’t getting a translation at all. Console games usually have translated manuals, but even those are done poorly. So I guess I’m the one to complain, huh?
Hopefully, little by little the situation is going to improve. In the recent years many publishers have moved to dropping Russian voiceovers whatsoever and releasing games with only the in-game text translated. While it’s certainly a nice move to me, what I’d actually like is the right to choose the way I play my games. 

And this concludes my mad, childish rant about localization and to the whole “Gamer in Provincial Russia” trilogy. Thanks to everyone who read it!
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