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The Last of Us: Final Thoughts

Being a person that lives a secluded life in a bog full of backlogs for various platforms, I started playing the Last of Us just about some days ago. Yesterday, way past nappy time, at 3 AM, I finished playing the game, still being far from done with pondering the story and how characters develop. I am going to describe what the conclusion of the plot made me feel like and how this game manages to make you behave like a murderer, while not emotionally disconnecting from the guy you are acting as. Of course, the are absolutely MAJOR SPOILERS ahead, so don't read further if you want to experience the full effect of the story.

I myself would act like Joel, but there is no argument on earth which could objectively justify that decision.

So now, I would like to get alot of opinions and personal experiences from you guys. Anything TLOU related is welcome, for my part I am interested in any opinions, not only regarding story but also gameplay, design (I love it) and any other aspect of the game I obviously didn't mention in a story focused impression.

Thanks for reading :)

PS: The final pic is a fanart piece originating from deviantart, created by JinKang - just giving credit where it's due.
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