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To Write or not to write? The eternal question.

Hello again C-blogs. It's been a while my lonely lady.�We have to talk...

...about my ridiculously long absence from the blogging scene. I really had no intention of discontinuing my MWHA blog, because more so than other readers liking it, I liked it. A lot. And I still do. I plan to pick up right where I left of here soon once I gather the last few of my lost life flock and herd them sheep back into the pen where they belong.

Get back in there you! Ok so let's see, friends...family...love interest...gaming F***! Where did my job sheep go?!

A relaunch however, always bears the question: Should changes be made? I know that I've asked myself questions of this nature towards my writing multiple times. I feel as though there may be a possibility to flourish in the video blogging industry, and not just because I do in fact own a pair of cleavage.�;)�(P.S. I ACTUALLY REALLY HATE THAT SOMETIMES THAT'S THE ONLY PREMISE BEHIND SOME FEMALE BLOGS EVEN THOUGH IT'S HARD TO TELL IF WE'RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES OR AT THE REQUESTS OF OTHERS....)

*ehem* *clears throat*

In any case, the type of blog that I have been posting requires a lot of Audio input, and there's a distinct possibility that it may do better as a video with links to the various songs and such with some fun editing.�

So! For those of you who care, I put it to you this: Do you think this blog stands alone fine in the written form? Would you be more inclined to click if there was a cleverly edited video with maybe a transcript of the words attached? Some other idea I haven't come up with? Let me know if you'd like, but you can be sure to see some more MWHA blogs in the future. Passion, just can't die. ^_^
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