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Dark Souls: Beginners Guide (from someone who just cracked it)

I've installed Dark Souls 3 times. Twice uninstalled in disappointment. Both times I had not broken free of the first boss (Taurus Demon on the bridge) and had grown frustrated with my slow clunky character and constant punishing death.�

The game has a terrible initial hump but when you get over it.... the rabid fanbase starts to make a little sense.

Anyway! To the none spoiler tips to break on through to the Dark Souls side. (sorry)

1. Spend, spend, spend those souls at the beginning. Level up and don't hoard souls. Not at the beginning anyway. Level up until you can make a mistake or two in the area your'e in.

2. Stamina is very important, if you block an attack with a shield, your stamina will only crawl back up whilst your still holding the shield up! Lower that shield when you can and/or RUN AWAY or dodge.

2. The weight thingy on the option screen is a load of old rubbish. For example if you have a weight of 30.0, it really means you can only wear half at that and still be mobile. Anything more then 15.0 will make you flop around like angry seal. Sometimes that sexy armour will have to wait.

3. Forget those fucking skeletons (edit - explore and go the other way!)�

4. Don't worry about being human for now!

5. If you stumble across a blacksmith, choose your armour wisely and invest your souls in that, as levelling up wont cut it for long.

6. Be aware of your surrounding area ready to RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! To somewhere you can take a nip of Estus flask heath tonic. Always have an escape route. If you're doing this because someone hit you that hard, consider just running away to level up and coming back with the intention to do some mischief.�

7. If an enemy is big, heavy and twice as big as you. Bonfire it before trying to stab it in the arse. A lot.

8. If you die in anger, especially after narrowly failing a boss or falling off a ledge in an area you don't know consider having a tiny short break (cup of tea or something). I cant tell you how many times I died trying to get back to where I was and getting wiped out by something I've killed a hundred times before!

(optional 9.) Don't be so proud, read a guide if you're really stumped or annoyed, or have a substantial break. Might be worth looking up the Drake Sword as its very handy at the beginning (don't rely on it getting you through the game though).

(optional 10 for pc) Mod it with DSFix. If the game looks small, jerky and letterboxed disable the AA in the in-game options. Oh and use a control pad!

Last note, if you do lose a decent amount of souls, sometimes you'll be surprised how quickly you can farm the same amount back!

I can explain my own personal hump and the reasons for giving up on it twice.

After you stop dying, an wasting souls in anger and get a little better at the game you branch out into the unknown. This will no doubt end in 'orrible death when you come across some sod, path or trap. But you're prepared for this as its your choice. �You make sure you have nothing to lose. When you choose to branch out, to dash/careful clearing to the next bonfire (you hope) its on you and its both exciting and terrifying. But�at the beginning there is no safe spot. You're progress is slower then a snail, everything kills you and your equipment is like wielding a chipmunk on a stick.�

If you can power through a incredibly tough beginning, take note of the map design that rewards exploration you'll find Dark Souls extremely rewarding.
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