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When Freeware is at its Best: Iji

Thanks to my busy schedule of school and the finishing of my novel, it caused my gaming (and writing) to slow a bit, save for on Final Fantasy XIV. I do admit to completing Iji just a few weeks ago, but formulating a review had to wait a bit longer. Now that I am plopped into my wooden, uncomfortable chair, I figured to finally finish this project.

So Iji...

The enemies are excitingly varied, and become pretty damn nasty to fight.

The gameplay is solid for a freeware game. It maintained the usual sidescroller kill everything formula, a la Metroidvania style. Blast aliens here and there (or don't), with multiple paths to choose from. What you choose for stat upgrades also determines your tactics in future puzzles (and potentially the plot itself, but I refuse to spoil said plot changer). You can play in two styles, as mentioned previously: pacifist, via avoiding the death of aliens, or holy mass murder Batman, where you kill every damn alien in your path (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). You come across some secret locations as well, making this game further enjoyable.

Gameplay Rating - 9/10

Sound - Though there are only a few songs to the soundtrack, my word, this is an amazing soundtrack. Listen to it. FIND IT ON FUCKING YOUTUBE AND LISTEN TO IT! I DON'T CARE DO IT!

For a freeware game, the music is unbelievable. Lots of rock, all emulating the emotions and themes of the game. Very atmospheric, realistic sound effects, complete with what little awesome voice acting there is.

Sound Rating - 9/10

Replayability - There are at least two playthroughs found in this game. However, I can see myself playing through the game far more many times. It is short and there are a number of paths to take. Yay, fun!

Replayability - 8/10

Cookies - WHY AREN'T MY COOKIES HERE!? Oh, wait, there they are. Never mind! 10/10

This game is surprisingly deep, and has a ton of gameplay elements. I don't even include graphics in this, due to the sheer gameplay and story values. The graphics would be the only hint as to the game being labeled as freeware. Lots of fully budgeted games fail to meet my expectations. However, this game exceeded my expectations, even surpassing budgeted games' expectations. All of the qualities mesh well like the perfect two hundred piece puzzle. In other words, it's not too complicated, but complicated enough to enjoy.

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