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Scary Granules Episode 23 - In Which Glowbear gets Willy Whispered

Some podcasts aren't meant to be listened to by mothers. 100% of the remaining podcasts, mothers have no interest in. This podcast is in the other remaining 100% whereby none of you should listen, but deep down you will. You'll listen, you'll feel and you will never look at life the same way again.

As always and forever more, the first half we discuss games and gnomes we've been fondling. Glowbear explains why The Novelist is a unique game worthy of being checked out (LIKE YO MAMA....sorry) and at the same time what it needed to really peak peoples interest.
Panza goes off on a weeaboo tirade, though not really, about Japanese horror games. I know right, we almost never ever mention that genre and tries to explain the tricky dicky mythology behind Siren 2.

In part 2 we recap some games we've heard about, that seem interesting. Ponder over Ken Levine's departure from Irrational games (well Irrational Games departure from this realm) and if he'll ever rejoin Maroon 5 again. We also talk about the horror genre and whether it astutely defines the films that are under its label. Ooh I feel all fancy now.

Then alas, we don't finish there. In fact I kinda wish we did but instead Panza has come up with another one of his WONDERFUL deep film concepts, once again featuring that underrated, Academy Award veteran, Jennifer Marcus Lopez. You might want a drink for that part.

scarygranules does not advocate the consumption of alcohol in any circumstances and legally must adhere to that mantra, but still would like to sneakily suggest that you drink yourself drowned during the script reveal segment of this episode.

Scary Granules Episode 23 - In Which Glowbear gets Willy Whispered


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