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Jim Sterling's Next Adventure

I always liked Jim's reviews here on DToid. They were always a notch above what most other games critics do - "the graphics are good, the mechanics are bad, 7/10" - and�more importantly he used his intelligence to write honest criticism. He was not, as some alleged, a contrarian; he simply wasn't a majoritarian. Herd animals didn't like Jim Sterling because he was no sheep, but the truth is that he didn't set out to oppose the sheep: often he agreed with the critical consensus, more or less,�but�looked at games more comprehensively than�your average hack. And of course I will always be�personally indebted to Jim for his 10/10 review�of Deadly Premonition. He described the game so compellingly that I bought it and once I bought I found out that he had hit the nail square on the head.

It therefore pleases me a great deal�that Jim's new career as an accomplished salsa singer is working out. This video, for example, has racked up over 12,000,000 views (something the Jimquisition videos could only dream of).

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