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Mighty No. 9: Dina Abou Karam Joins the Mighty Cast


Intro 00:30 � 3:22
Community Recap 3:23 � 18:21
Aizu-san Interview: Personal History 19:00 � 26:59
Aizu-san Interview: Game Design 27:00 � 33:28
Aizu-san Interview: Questions From the Forums 33:29 � 46:40
Bitsummit something�? and Closing Comments 46:41 � 48:35

Here is a link to the mp3!

���� The majority of this podcast is an interview with the Inti Creates President and CEO Takuya Aizu. This guy worked on old school classics like Breath of Fire 2. He was around for the Street Fighter 2 days, the early Mega Man X games and Resident Evil games. After leaving Capcom, he helped form Inti Creates. For anyone who has followed the Mega Man franchise in the last decade, you will recognize Inti Creates work in the Mega Man Zero GBA games, and Mega Man ZX/ZX Advent DS games. They held the 2-D torch long after many had disregarded the play style. Of course, they also talk about how Mighty No. 9 itself is coming along. My big take-away... Inafune says the game must feel fast!

Check it out, may be worth your time. Keep gaming!�

*starts on 1:17, remix by arellaTV
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