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Stop. Look around.


Sony Santa Monica
The Trial of Archimedes
God of War: Ascension, 2013
Modified God of War III engine

The Trial of Archimedes�floored me. �It's a surreal mechanical fantasy and the perfect dream-like counterpart to the�Lantern of Delos�before it. �The elaborate detail in the floor and columns, the frosted glass and whirring gears. �All of it.� Gameplay-wise this section was a bit of a chore. �Aesthetically, though, it was a marvel. �

It's the reason I'll buy anything SSM releases. �I can't help it. �Their environment design is some of the finest in the industry. �The Realm of�Hades�from GOW 3? �The Labyrinth? �These guys build worlds that demand to be seen. �Period.

I love it when gamers take time to stop and identify true greatness in games, be it character design, environment art, music, what-have-you. �Recognizing kick-ass work is equally important as criticizing what sucks when it comes to moving the medium forward.�

I could have gone on at length here, we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to phenomenal art. �The floating city of Columbia. �The deteriorating test rooms of Portal 2. �Pretty much�anywhere�in Dark Souls. �

What environments have left you awe-struck recently? �What little details have pulled you in? �What studios consistently impress you? �Clearly I'm a sucker for level design and aesthetics, so I want to know if I'm missing out.
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