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Gaming Emptiness

Last night i sat again way too long in front of my computer and read about games. Its my biggest hobby. If i would play as much as ive read about games id have no social or family or work live what so ever. I mean, stuff like www.actionbutton.net is just too good to pass up on or some stuff on destructoid.
Anyways, thats not what this is about though, or maybe kind of.
Well, today i have some spare time to play a game.
But what of all the cool games i have should i play?
SHould i continue to sneak through skyrim with my sneaky silent assassin dunmer, or should i finish the very last mission in mass effect 3( which will give me the end of my shephard, which i still dont know and havent been spoiled yet by the internet..),
or should i jump into GTAV`s submarine and clean the bays from nuclear waste?
Maybe i should play some Dark Souls to get even more hard core, or shrinkmysef into one of the greatest gba games ever, zelda minish cap.
i could also picture myself playing portal again, or finally finish Limbo (im stuck at this one thing...), trine (i m too lazy to play this one actually) or even two worlds 2/most underrated game ever! I play it on my mac book pro).
I could also play Half Live 2 again. One of the best games ever...(the travel from and to city 17 never gets old!)
or i jump right into the middle of deadly premonition (guess im more then half way through, and i loved every second of what ive been playing?)
Or i play amped 2! Yes that one..original x box...its by faaaaar the best snowboarding game ever. I know its " mountains" inside out!!!
how about a little session of bayonetta, oh no...now i know. i go hunting in the snowy mountains of red dead redemption.

Fuck. I just cant make myself play anything tonite even though my choices are more than good! Great even in some cases!

Well, but actually, tonite they all seems so fucking empty to me. I mean, i love videogames and all, but for some reason on some days they give me nothing...nada..nihil...

Anyways...now i wrote about them instead!

Good Night

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