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UPDATE: Christmas For A Dtoider!!!

Thanks to everyone who shared and donated. We were able to raise $313 and a game!!!!

I thank you all for helping out so much. Everyone who shared and everyone who donated. Thank you. If you would like to still help, I will gladly send him any donations. He is specifically looking for a throwaway laptop so he can possibly work from home. So if you have any busted ones I might be able to fix it up for him, just get in contact with me at [email protected]

Paypal is [email protected] as well.�

I would like to especially thank one individual. Now, all donations are equal, and everyone who even shared the original blog is amazing in my eyes, but this individual has a little history of his own. He's one of our friends who plays with us and has been battling cancer for years. His health is so deteriorated that he himself also cannot work but was able to donate a good chunk to the fund. This isn't about competition, I just think it's a beautiful thing that someone also in a destitute situation reached out to a friend in need. The noblest of barons.�

Again, thank you all so much for all of your help. It speaks a lot of this community that you would all care so much about a fellow member, even if you're not sure exactly who it is. Much love to you all.


P.S. His mother recently got him a phone so he can take pics when the stuff arrives, at that time I'll put up another blog with the pictures.
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