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Dystopian Girl Stuck in a Dystopian World

So these past few days, amongst the partying and family gatherings, I�ve struggled with maintaining my study schedule and blog schedule. In fact, my New Year�s Resolutions are based around organization! So what exactly are my New Year�s Resolutions?

� � � � � �* Keep a to-do list
� � � � � �* When feeling lethargic, work through the lethargy anyway
� � � � � �* Ensure that more games are finished!

Yes, I admit to having a backlog of about 300 games. I am also aware that it�d take a million years for me to complete them, but still! I am trying here!

Anyway, I�m almost done with my adventures in New Vegas (according to my maximum hours needed to play this). I have even gained much insight about WRPGs and myself throughout this project.

Today, what I�d like to focus on is the audio, visuals, and story of the game, whereas the next blog will detail my thoughts on the gameplay.

Here, let�s ask the one prime question that began this project: Will I come to love Western Role-Playing games?

I was serious about the gray part.

� � � ��
The earthy tones brushed onto the scenery push this emotion to the edge. If I was into such aesthetic, I would give the developers an 8/10 for rating.

This doesn�t, however, include the animation. The animation feels stiff and unrealistic, and running in such an expanse world couldn�t have been more frustrating (even with Fast Travel, but more on that later in gameplay).

Overall, for visuals, without bias and with animation included, I�d give Fallout: NV a 7/10. With bias and my aesthetic tastes implemented, I�d give it a 3/10.

Remember, folks, this is only the first half. The latter half will include nothing but the gameplay, so please look forward to it!
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